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Herbal hub and apothecary 

The Vision

The core guiding principle here at Radix is connecting people with plants.


 We are situated in the beautiful grounds of Vallis Farm in Frome, Somerset. 


Radix Herbal Hub serves the community through accessible teaching workshops and mentorships on all aspects of herbalism, including the practice of medicinal horticulture, sustainable wild crafting and herbal medicine processing.  


It contains the Radix Apothecary, a comprehensive dispensary open to the public on regular days to purchase from the range of tinctures, dried herbs, oils, syrups, ointments, creams and powders.  In addition a range of specialist tinctures, Spagyrics and medicinal mushroom blends



Herbal medicine

​Traditional Western Herbalism has it's roots in ancient principles yet brings modern thought to holistic and integrative practices

Meet your herbalists

All of our Herbalists bring a deep and diverse range of skills and experience in working with plant medicines.

They offer their passion and purpose for connecting people and plants in grounded and magical ways.



A part of our social enterprise mission is a commitment to projects that directly benefit our local community.  Our current projects are: building a Physic Garden at Valley Farm and setting up a low cost Herbal Medicine student training clinic.


Herbal Medicine Making Days coming up in and around Frome, Somerset


get in touch

For all enquiries and bookings please leave us a message

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