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Western medical


The practice of using plants as medicine.



Plants are healthy foods for our bodies; full of nourishment and vitality. A diet rich in fresh plant material can provide us with the resources we need for optimal health.

Every civilisation's medical system has evolved using plants as medicines. Modern day herbal medicine combines the wisdom of our ancestors with scientific knowledge and understanding of health and disease, providing an integrative system of medicine which works in harmony with the body to facilitate health and well being. 


During your first consultation your herbalist will build a picture of you and your health. There will be time to discuss the nature, onset and progression of your complaint, as well as any investigations you may have had. A detailed case history including past medical history, family history, diet, lifestyle and any other issues that may be a factor will be gathered so that a full assessment of you and your condition, focusing on the root causes, can be made. 

Herbs are then prescribed on a case by case basis and your tailor made blend will be dispensed either whilst you wait, or the following day.



Our commitment to you:

All are welcome and your stories and medical information will be held in strict confidence. Notes are held securely and personal information will not be shared unless absolutely necessary (only in cases where there is real risk of harm to self and/or others). 

Support is available between consultations via email or text/call to request a free callback. We strive to keep our prices affordable and our services available to all in need of our help.

Your commitment to treatment:

Chronic conditions require a genuine commitment to treatment for a minimum of three months. This is so that the herbs and self care practices have enough time to integrate and improvements to manifest. This includes taking medicine as prescribed, consistently. 

Cancellations within 24 hours forfeit reimbursement.

Appointments and medicines must be paid for in advance.

Initial Consultation: 1 hour £70

Follow up Consultation: 45 mins £45

Medicines: £12 per 100ml (prescriptions average 300-600ml per month)

Dispensing Fee for repeat prescriptions without consultation: £10

Postage: £6

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