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Astro herbalism

medicine in the stars

The practice of astro herbalism is centred around the holistic understanding of the living dynamic between planet, plant and person

An astro herbalism consultation involves a comprehensive health and vitality assessment in addition to an in depth constitutional analysis of the Natal Chart, traditionally known as the Radix.

The planetary placements and aspects in your chart show the root causes of conditions and challenges encountered in life.  These signatures, together with the knowledge and experience of the practitioner, guide which medicinal plants are best prescribed and the optimal application of the medicine to support your health and wellbeing.

Your herbal remedy and health protocol will be prescribed according to traditional medical astrology principles alongside modern holistic health perspectives.

The whole process addresses the physical underlying cause and symptomatic needs, as well as the emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects of well-being. 

Meet your astro herbalist Emma Tivey 

Initial Consultation £150

Follow up Consultations £100

Monthly medicines £36 - £60


"Working with Emma was such a joy.  She is deeply knowledgeable and I really appreciated the rich perspective that she brings to her work. I came to her with a difficult breathing issue that I had been struggling with for several months. I took two courses of herbal blend remedies, which she made up for me.  Within 2-3 weeks I felt much better, and over the whole course of treatment, the breathing issue completely cleared up, and it has not returned in the three months since.  I'm delighted with the result, and so enjoyed working with Emma."

John Wadsworth, Astrologer, Kairos Astrology

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